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better than that, mr. speaker. so as we honor her, a time that many of us feared would never happen, it is good to recognize that one phase of her work may be over but another phase, equally important, is just beginning, and that the united states will stand with her, with the president of burma and those who are reformers in the executive branch and the legislative branch, with the activist, with civil society, as they stand, the flickers of democratic progress and press forward with reforms, and we wish them all god speed. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the speaker of the united states house of representatives, the hon. john boehner. [applause] >> once again let me say thank you all for your presence here in the capitol rotunda today. let me also thank secretary clinton and mrs. bush for joining us and thank my colleagues on both sides of the capital for their work in bringing us all together. mike collins sponsored the resolution, thank you. one leader in particular deserves recognition for his extraordinary devotion to this cause and that is my good friend senator mitch mcc
together to give them a well-deserved her raw. certainly he would have gotten a kick out of being flanked by buildings named after hubert humphrey and gerald ford, also leaders from opposite ends of the political spectrum. to actually considered mr. humphrey one of his heroes and he had one of humphrey's quote put on the wall in his office. has for gerald ford, they didn't agree on much of anything, but to it counted president ford as a true friend and since friends are always honest with one another, when the new president explained what legislation he wanted to pass, tip would say that is not going anywhere but if you want to do that, that was tipped. who of course would also be pleased to see as telling an old story or two. now he will stand in good company and ever the representative, provide folks back home with yet another source of pride. having said all that, tip might have one small complained about today's the occasion. of small part of the relationship, nothing but a close vote, give him a chance to do just the last bit of a little more wrangling as he tries to secure the votes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2